Monthly Archives: October 2013

A veg patch of two halves

Have done the first of the winter digs and cleared most of the weeds from the good soil and dug in some of the home-prepared compost.

Also planted some garlic and leeks in the fine and crumbly earth to see how they go over the winter.

Finally on the digging, started a quick dig on the claggy patch of earth and it’s going to be a few years yet before we get it to match the good side which is just a pleasure to work in.

Last but not least, had a quick check of the leaf mould before it finds its way onto (or into) the nasty. Still not sure whether it goes into the soil or should be left on top after manure has been dug in deep. Either way, there’s a fair bit of back-breaking work to be done. I do love getting out in the garden during the winter months and preparing the ground for next year’s growing.

Nearly got there with Rails

After having spent a productive day or so working on a new Rails (4) site to manage temporary AD/LDAP accounts for synchronisation by MS FIM, I have suddenly hit a go-slow when getting the search form to work.

What used to work with Rails 3 just didn’t play ball and trying to debug even the simplest UJS stuff is a nightmare. Javascript is evil, plain and simple.

But I have managed to get the rake db:seed to populate the database with good values and I will prepare proper test scripts.

I had forgotten how much fun doing Rails sites is, though I still wish I could do even the most basic web design.

Inventory database finds a use at last

The work I’ve put in over the past couple of years for a Rails application to inventory our applications, hosts and databases (+associated data) is starting to pay off with a DC migration as I can now run off ruby scripts to generate Excel spreadsheets listing all the high level connections with additional details available once we figure priorities.