3 thoughts on “Simple Rails activity logging

  1. Rennan Oliveira

    Hey, Julian! Thanks for this post. I ended up implementing this on my project since I didn’t want everything Papertrail gave me. Just wondering, did you ever make a gem out of this? I might use a similar solution in a few Projects, I’d use your gem or create one and refer you

    1. julianrawcliffe Post author

      Thanks for the comments, it’s great to hear something I’ve done is useful for someone else. Haven’t yet made a gem as I still have many work projects keeping me busy. It’s on the list along with a gem to migrate the contents of MySQL database to SQL Server for different application versions.
      I’m still not sure of the best way to write a gem; it’s a steep learning curve to get over.
      I will post when I do make a gem.


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