What the hell

One minute my Rails app is working and the next I get the error when trying to rak db:migrate the database from scratch:

JSON::ParserError: Caught Encoding::CompatibilityError at ‘[{“content-type”:”ap’: incompatible encoding regexp match (ASCII-8BIT regexp with UTF-8 string)

And the accompanying stack trace doesn’t mention any of my files. How the hell am I supposed to troubleshoot this rubbish. I have to spend hours trying to figure out what on earth might be wrong.

Fortunately, I have some version control in place but I’m going to have trash my local copy. pull from git and attempt to recreate all teh work I’ve lost over the past few days.

However, in glorious Rails style and comparing the bundled gems against another working application, it turns out that downgrading to 4.1.0 (from4.1.6) fixes the problem. Still anotehr two hours lost for a non-coding fault that I could not have prevented.


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