And the rake misery continues

Possibly a consequence of going to lunch straight after thinking you’ve fixed something, but I’m now getting errors like,

$ rake -T
rake aborted!
ActiveRecord::AdapterNotSpecified: 'test' database is not configured. Available: []

Now this really is stupid. Sometimes I get an error about the development database not being configured. I am only tryng to do this because of the difficulty getting Rails on my Linux laptop talking to a SQL Server Express database using tiny_tds to do a conversion of the database from MySQL to SQL Server (or the other way round).

I think it’s just baiting me. My one main gripe with Rails has always been that although it’s more efficient in code terms, you have to spend an awful lot of time chasing errors and bugs in the framework which makes the overall development time the same as when doing it all by hand

Although people like Martin Fowler sing the praises of rake, it is blooming hard work and solving problems using the error mesages is like an Araucaria crossword.


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