CMS for Ruby on Rails

As a way of perhaps finding a new website platform where I might be able to use Ruby rather than PHP I’m looking to RoR CMS packages.

The top two contenders seem to refinery and locomotive, but it doesn’t appear to be a packed field.


This supports Rails 4.1 so I expected that this would be a shoo-in. But I’m running Fedora and the install guide only mentions Ubuntu. And t didn’t get any better. Problems with a host JavaScript environment, needing MySQL root privileges and routing errors after eventually getting the database installed make this CMS a non-starter.


On the face of it this seems like it’s going to be hard because it only supports Rails 3 and I’ve heavily geared to Rails 4.

And so it proves. Even though it’s possible to get the gems installed and even the different version of Rails, it’s too much of a stretch to mix and match the whole environments.

Okay, so maybe a Rails CMS isn’t a great idea after all and perhaps I need to go back to Zope-based systems; I’ve previously had a good install of SilvaCMS.


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