Linux love and hate

Straight to the point: Linux printing and CUPS has always sucked and still sucks. Every time I consider printing from a Linux desktop I have to ask: have they not yet fixed that mess.

When I send a job to a printer with to use the full size of the page, I don’t expect the print to consist of the page scrunched up as small as possible in the top left corner. Trying to add a printer using CUPS is as horrible now as it ever has been. I really don’t care about all the different possible protocols and whatnot: on Windows and a Mac, printing just works.

In a similar vein, I had fun and games trying to scan a document on a network printer. Now, granted this is quite a pan on Windows and Mac, requiring a Photoshop install to acquire the scan; Gimp on Linux is a non-starter (even with an xsane package). I found a whole bunch of packages (xsane, sane-backends, sane-backends-drivers-scanners) and a reference to /etc/sane.d/epson2.conf but running xsane was still throwing device errors. Doing the basic stuff is so difficult it’s no wonder desktop Linux will never catch on.

I believe the command ought to be,

xsane epson2:net:

but there’s nowhere I could find an example of the actual command to be used to connect to the scanner. Too much guessing until something works so you don’t exactly what is required for a working solution and are not likely to be able to repeat it seamlessly in the future. At least the scanned document actually matched the original.aIt’s depressing to see that these fundamental desktop operations are as unpleasant now as they were 15 years ago and aren’t looking like they’ll improve anytime in the next 15.


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