Do something different

For me, there should be an opportunity at work, whatever it is than anyone does, to express some creativity. I don’t mean artistic or musical or whatever, but a look at how things are done by, for and with others and ask: how can we make it better?

This is for the daily grind stuff, things that bug someone and generally make the day harder to get through.

In a previous role, the annual appraisal system involved setting objectives with a target date and weighting with all the SMART rules attached. And it was supposed to add up to 100%.

I would always add another objective that simply said: ‘Do something different’ without any specifics, weighting or learning objectives just to try and act as a spur to look at things that could be improved in some small way.

It wasn’t anything that would ever be reported on or appraised in any way, but to give anyone the freedom to challenge the accepted way of doing things and making the job better for someone to do,


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