See yourself as part of the problem

I will probably refer to the following example in other posts, in a different context but a comment from a colleague  couple a couple of years was very insightful:

The problem with the devs is that the expect the infrastructure to appear from nowhere.

So, okay, we all know that the developers don’t have the first clue about service provision and just demand that all the backend just appear.

But I asked myself: why is it like that? And is there anything we’re doing that might reinforce that behaviour?

And then you realise that as infrastructure people – I’m not sure that it counts as engineering – we take great pride in delivering in promising delivery in no time. After all, spinning up a VM is a right-click and ‘deploy from template’, set the IP address and hostname and it’s all ready to go. But is it all so simple?

As part of the datacentre migration and working with a 3rd-party provider delivery of a Windows VM was formally quoted as a half-day activity (less for Linux, naturally) and to many that seems unreasonable, but when you actually consider all the steps involved it turns out to be perfectly sensible and that the problem – in this case – wasn’t with the devs but with ourselves not properly understanding our environment and taking the time to properly record our processes and resource requirements and giving a wholly inaccurate picture of performance.

So, anytime you feel the urge to blame or curse someone for not understand your stresses, ask yourself if there is anything you’re doing to compound the situation.


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