Should I really be here?

And anytime I hear a manager say that ‘the process is there for a reason’ and ‘you can’t just do what you want’, I know that’s a place I don’t want to work.

I damn well know that the process is there for a reason (in many cases I’ve probably developed it) and things like change control are a given. That’s not the point.

Free your mind. If no-one’s prepared to say ‘this is rubbish’ (or managers can’t tolerate hearing it from their sub-ordinates – I hate that word), then we’re scared to challenge prevailing ideas and fearful of team creativity.

When everyone has the opportunity to challenge the nonsense in front of them a team is thinking and is alive to possibilities and wanting to improve. All we need to do is gently steer and guide the team to maintain their focus and let them create.


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