Why so hard to do the right thing?

Just when I thought I’d found something really cool in Ruby that was going to produce simple applications and exploring a development lifecycle…

I really, really want to be able to write unit and integration tests for teh code I produce. With Rails, rspec is a nightmare, especially when combined with sessions and authentication.

So I take a step down to Sinatra and Rack. I get some simple code for a little service and the GET request for resource works as expected. But 3 days trying to get the unit test function to be able to post data is just too much. None of the official documentation mentions it never mind examples; so many variations on StackOverflow; verbatim copied code from blogs that has syntax errors.

It’s not even that my  server app can’t process POST data, it is that the unit test gem makes it impossible to debug the transfer, whether or not I’m a numpty.

This time I’ll abandon the project and the follow-up applications I had in mind for Sinatra and write it off as another Ruby dead-end. I’m sure people do get it working but I give up.


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