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Where there’s some dill there’s a way (to use it all up)

My latest fishy experiment in something new was to cook a lemon butter sauce to go with a piece ot lemon sole (lovely fish, shame about the bones).

Very simple recipes can be found online but the sauce for two (one person on two days) meant buying quantities of wine, cream and dill in excess of what the recipe called for, and ones that often stay in the fridge until they go off and that annoys me no end.

Okay, the wine situation is easily sorted, especially for a 20cl bottle. Double cream? Goes great with a rhubarb crumble, finishing off some left over from before.

But for the dill, I thought I’d fall back to one of my favourite breads: ‘Swedish’ dill bread. With egg, butter, onion and cream cheese, the texture and taste is very light and something to be experienced.

But cream cheese is another of the foods that gets left to go off, so rather than buy some, I decided to make my own; the leftover liquid then goes into the bread.


Homemade cream cheese with fresh dill

So, it’s a half litre of milk and a tablespoon of lime juice and a couple of hours for it to set.

Another reason I like the dill bread is that it is easy to make (the cheese, egg and butter substitute for water in a routine dough) and is just about the only loaf I make where I have some idea of what it might turn out like.


Homemade dill bread with homemade cream cheese

And this will taste better knowing that I made the cheese and made good use of ingredients that would normally be discarded.