Monthly Archives: July 2017

Back to business

Starting a new job where I’ll be in the office every day means I need to get back to the bread making and preparing all my food advance.

Here’s one of my faves: olive focaccia.

This will keep me going for most of the week. Especially along with my veggie ragout (with a courgette from the garden).

Peak courgette?

Earlier in the week or looked like the courgette yield might be dropping back a bit.

But after a few days of not checking the harder to reach corners of the patch, we’re back up to Ms production.

About 4.5Kg worth this time and definitely way more than we can keep up with.

I have actually eaten these things fur breakfast, lunch and dinner and still barely make any impact.

As the season progresses

As we hit peak courgette, it’s nice to reflect back on how the garden has developed over the past few months.

Here’s how the vegetable patch looked May.

And here’s a snap from this evening.

We’re more at the stage where we could cook a couple of courgettes every day and I probably ought to dedicate a blog post to the courgette based cooking we’ve done over the past week.

But time moves on, and I’m starting to clear out the raised beds, replenish the soil, add some manure and get ready for our first attempt at done winter growing.