The edit form submission

This post will detail the processing of an edit submission form that contains a multiple select form element.

A widget is described as a set of versioned components where a component version could be used in many widgets:

id: INT
name: STRING
description: TEXT

id: INT
name: STRING
component_id: INT

id: INT
name: STRING
description: TEXT

component_id: INT
widget_id: INT

@app.route('/widgets/<int:id>/edit', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def editWidget(id):
    # Get the component names and versions and format them for easy display
    # in the template
    cvids = dict2lol(component_versions
                 .join(components, JOIN.INNER,
                 on=component_versions.component_id ==
                 .dicts(), 'cmpntverid', 'cmpntname')

    if request.method == 'POST':
         (status, msg) = validateWidget(request.form)
         slctd = request.form.getlist('component_version_ids')
         if status:
             savewdgt = widgets(id=id,
                       name=request.form['name'], \
                       description=request.form['description'], \
                       updated_by="config.admin", \
            # Delete the current component versions for this widget and save
             # the values submitted in the form
             qry = component_version_widgets.delete().where(component_version_widgets.widget_id == id)
             for cvid in slctd:
                 component_version_widgets.create(widget_id=id, component_version_id=cvid)
 logActivity('update', 'component_version_widgets', id, ("component_version_id: %s" % cvid))

                logActivity('update', 'widgets', id, request.form['name'])
            flash(("Saved update for widget, %s." % request.form['name']))
            return redirect('/widgets')
             flash(("widget update failed: %s." % msg))
             slctd = []
             for cv in request.form.getlist('component_version_ids'):
                wdgt = {"description": request.form['description'], "name": request.form['name'],
 "component_version_ids": slctd}
        # Display the initial edit form with details from the database
         # Get the details of the item to be edited 
             rs = == id).get()
         except DoesNotExist:
             flash(("Cannot locate widget record with id = %s" % id))
         return redirect('/widgets')

    slctd = []
    for cvid in component_version_widgets \
           .select(component_version_widgets.component_version_id) \
           .where(component_version_widgets.widget_id == id):
        wdgt = {'name':, 'description': rs.description, 'component_version_ids': slctd}

    return render_template('views/widgets/edit.html', wdgt=wdgt, cvids=cvids, req=request)


  • cvids: a list of lists of select options in the form [id, name]. Possibly being lazy but this is a bit simpler than trying to process what might come out of a PeeWee result set
  • slctd: a list of selected options from the select form; either from the database or the
    submitted form data. When creating this list from the submitted form we need to cast the id values as int’s or they won’t be recognised by the template inline conditional.
  • wdgt: dict containing the values for the template form items

The dict2lol function is simply:

def dict2lol(rs, val, text):
    lol = []
    for row in rs:
        lol.append([row[val], row[text]])

The template to display this might look a bit like,

<form name="widgets" method="POST" action="{{ req.path }}">
Widget Widget name Description {{ rel['description'] }}
Component versions:
{%- for opt in cvids-%} {{ opt[1] }} {%- endfor -%}
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save widget"> </form>

The only real point to note in here is the method by which the ‘selected’
attribute is added to the option in the select list: the inline if.


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