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Pastry – handle with care

Finally, I’m getting to understand what it means to handle shortcrust pastry as little as possible.

So there has been plenty of practice making Bakewell tarts and some with homemade lemon curd. The next batch will include some of the homemade jam.

But the best creation so far has been a lemon meringue pie for the first time ever.


It’s the first time I’ve been able to make that size of pastry in one piece and the first go ever at making the meringue. Delicious.


Raspberry jam – not a recipe

After the long scorch of a summer that rendered the growing season null and void it was a special treat to be able to take advantage of the ‘late’ raspberries that managed to flourish once the growing season got under way in September.

They kept going well into November and the canes yielded nearly a kilo of delicious fruit. But rather than just blow them all on a couple of puddings I thought I’d be brave and make some jam for the first time.

I used a simple recipe (from Delia Smith) and ended up with 2 jars of the stuff.


The first batch was a little burned and the second was left boiling a bit too long and has a slight toffee texture, but it’s all perfectly edible and I will certainly be using it in my Bakewell tarts.