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Homemade cheese and pane di Prato

I had another go at some homemade cheese (warm milk and natural yogurt) instead of using lime juice (which is still okay) and it’s not come out to bad. 

What’s even better is that I followed up on a tip I saw on the blog of the New England cheesemaking company to use the leftover liquid to make some bread. 

And a decent pane di Prato is the result. 

I’m thinking about moving on to the hard stuff, but that’ll be quite some commitment, of time and effort.

Sourdough at last


Finally, i have given in and made some sourdough. Not actually very difficult – the dough is pretty routine – although some of the instructions are a bit vague: can you use “old dough” instead of starter?
Anyway, I have replenished my starter and an keeping it in the fridge for next time.
The family seem to like it so that’s all good.


Yesterday, by luck, I found a decent way to prepare dough for the little rods. A bit more refinement this morning and now they’re not looking half bad.