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Why so hard to do the right thing?

Just when I thought I’d found something really cool in Ruby that was going to produce simple applications and exploring a development lifecycle…

I really, really want to be able to write unit and integration tests for teh code I produce. With Rails, rspec is a nightmare, especially when combined with sessions and authentication.

So I take a step down to Sinatra and Rack. I get some simple code for a little service and the GET request for resource works as expected. But 3 days trying to get the unit test function to be able to post data is just too much. None of the official documentation mentions it never mind examples; so many variations on StackOverflow; verbatim copied code from blogs that has syntax errors.

It’s not even that my ┬áserver app can’t process POST data, it is that the unit test gem makes it impossible to debug the transfer, whether or not I’m a numpty.

This time I’ll abandon the project and the follow-up applications I had in mind for Sinatra and write it off as another Ruby dead-end. I’m sure people do get it working but I give up.